2017 Is off to a Roar.

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

It may not be the Chinese Year of the Lion, but it sure feels that way this year to start 2017.

It communicating with many of my colleagues in this field, there seems to be a lull in the market, but I cannot say that our company has seen any evidence of that for quite sometime.

We feel blessed to have the amount of projects that we do before us at this time.

We have over a half dozen large custom homes in design stage, a number of renovations, and at least a half dozen Calgary innercity infill projects. We are also working our way slowly to the start line for our large BC project.

We have been recruiting over the winter in anticipation of the Spring workload.

We have also been in discussion with like-minded professionals to consider a partnering situation,. We are continuing to research and seek clarity on this front.

We are continuing to develop our use of Chief Architect as our main 3D software – example attached for display. We are also pursuing moving to do animation and walk-throughs using Lumion.

We have smoothly figured out how to fulfill the energy code requirements for the City of Calgary, and are fine-tuning ensuring that our plans indicate the proper square footages as per the Real Estate Council Alberta RMS to ensure industry-wide consistency.

As we continue to tweak our internal time management, accounting, scheduling, and other systems as we grow, we should see an happy outcome for the remainder of this year.

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